Thursday, August 22, 2013

It all happens so fast..

It has been sooo long since my last post in this blog. The previous entry was in May 2012. At that time i was still single, with no sign of relationship with anybody. My concern was only to complete my master degree. It is even stressful because i was about 2 months behind others after having my appendectomy in March 2012.

We never know what Allah plan for us. Amazingly today, not only that i am married to my dear husband, Allah give us more... I am now a mother of our lovely girl. Nawal Aqilah binti Mohd Shahril.  Welcome to the world my girl. May Allah blessing always be with you and you grow up as a good servant of Allah.

It all happens so fast my dear... and it is a complete one year... i met your father during ramadhan last year and we agreed to share our life together. And now a year after, i mean really, a year after.... you come to our life to make it greater, happier and meaningful...

Mama & Apak love u soooo much!!

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